Schoolhouse Woodshop

This is the inside on our 1840 one-room schoolhouse. We purchased the schoolhouse in 2004 after it sat empty for years and had previously been used for a gallery and an antique shop. The building is essentially original except for the new door I built for the front and the new wiring that we installed. This summer I plan to build a large porch for the front of it. In the winter time I heat it with a wood stove and in the summer it stays cool under the shade of some birch and cherry trees. It is quite an awesome place to work where I can turn the machines on, crank up whichever internet audio stream I have running and rip, plane, joint, shape, bore, drill, sand and crosscut to my hearts content. I still use the chalkboards for most projects which gives plenty of room to draw out projects and make cut lists that I can read from anywhere in the shop. These pictures are as clean as it has ever been (since I took over.) Dust is controlled by a 10 foot tall vacuum in the one cloakrooms which fills up 55 gal drum liners. I have recently found endless uses for the sawdust and shaving made by milling.

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