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Walnut Dining Table

This table was commissioned by a favorite repeat client for dining and entertaining large groups. It was built entirely of solid walnut and measured 5’2” by 10’2”. The apron and legs featured a recessed design element. We moved the piece into the client’s new larger home and it fit nicely into this room.

IMG_1153 IMG_1152

Drop Leaf Harvest Tables


These two Drop Leaf Harvest Tables were commissioned in Cherry wood. They are 74” long and 39” wide with the leaves up for dining (a single table will seat six). With the leaves down, each table is a slender 18” wide’- and would make a nice low-profile hallway table.

The tables are built on the vase shaped arch base that coordinates with our arch bench. If you need seating for a crowd on occasion, the two tables placed end to end creates comfortable seating for up to 12 people. The tables can be finished to suit your decor: they can be painted, antiqued, clear coated, or stained to match your palette. As with everything from the Springhouse Woodshop, these were built by hand and constructed to last through a lifetime of daily use.