Built-In Window seats

We have built a few custom windowseats over the years and they are such wonderfully useful built-ins. They provide seating and storage at an inviting, well-lit location, perfect for reading.

The white window seat shown here was installed in a client’s residence in Malvern, Pennsylvania horse country.

It featured five large drawers; one with a with custom lift-out wooden tray for storing smaller items above. The drawer fronts are raised panels and the fluted stiles help complete the traditional look.

The warmer, cream-colored window seat demonstrates a custom shape, other than the more frequently seen rectangle. This more simple and modern-looking piece was well-used in a lake house kitchen. The drawers stored games and toys and whatever needed to be hidden away. The pulls are matching wood. Installed over a transition between the tile and cork floors, the windowseat is a perfect fit!

Do you have a spot that could benefit from a beautiful and functional window seat? They enhance any room and can be tailored to every decor.

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