Truly Custom Cabinetry

There are plenty of companies out there saying that they offer “custom cabinetry”. This term is often a misnomer, and disingenuous. They may offer myriad options, charts for door style and finish, but the experience and product they are selling really is NOT custom. It is stock cabinetry, made in a factory.

When you work with the Springhouse Shop & Studio, the experience is completely tailored to your home and your tastes. We listen to your needs, and take a look at your existing woodworking and furniture to understand the aesthetic of the whole space. Every client is different, thus each project is unique, reflecting the individual(s) who commissioned the work.

We offer hand rendered design drawings, so that we can be on the same page, visually, when it comes to the look of your woodwork.

Each job begins with a trip to the lumber mill and/ or a call to the hardwood plywood supplier. We choose from several sawmills around the state to source beautiful Pennsylvania lumber. Specialists carry imported logs, when a client requests that. One small husband and wife operated sawmill outside of Philadelphia carries wood from what is referred to as “urban logging”. This means that the trees are often old growth specimens from the city and surrounds, most of which have come down due to storms. The lumber is special because of its age and provenance. Sustainability is important to us, and we feel good about utilizing local lumber. We use FSC-certified furniture grade veneer products. Columbia Forest has engineered PureBond plywood, containing only soy-based and formaldehyde-free adhesives. When plywood is used to construct cabinets in our woodshop, the backs are 1/2”, the sides are 3/4”, and the cases are dadoed and glued together. Our work is built to last.

Finishing is also custom. Clients can choose from food-grade hand-applied oils and waxes, durable catalyzed lacquers and varnishes, and paint of any color or sheen. The possibilities are truly endless. The consistent element is attention to detail and handcrafted quality.

These pictures are from an audiophile’s spectacular basement in West Chester, PA.


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