In the shop: Four Post bed with Live Edge headboard

IMG_0124 IMG_0118

This poster bed, constructed of hand selected Pennsylvania walnut, features a live edge slab as the headboard. The rough edges have been chiseled and sanded away, but the natural contours of the tree’s exterior remain. It is truly one of a kind and celebrates the essence of the tree. The posts on this one are octagonally tapered, like a pencil. When it is finished it will have canopy rails and finials at the top. This piece was commissioned by a client in Pottsville, PA.

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  1. Roger says:

    As usual incredible! How did you allow for wood movement in such a large headboard mortise? Did you carve a lambs tongue at the end of the camfers?
    Just made a pencil post bed for me and Donna. Had some nice 12/4 cherry for the posts.
    Any sources for wide cherry that you know of. I like making blanket chests and headboards from single wide boards.


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