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Philadelphia Live Edge Walnut low bookcases

These solid walnut bookcases, made for the new Comcast Technology Center in Philadelphia, are absolutely one of a kind. Shop made blackened steel bases support the long cases,  and live-edge, bug damaged slabs float over blackened case tops. These were designed for an art advisement company overseeing the project; sketches and samples sent back and forth until we agreed on the eventual design for these five long pieces. Two pairs live end to end, becoming very long spans, and one stands alone. They’re so beautiful! The black walnut and black stain are quite nice together.


King Size Storage Bed Drawing


Projects undergo a transformation as they go through the design stage. This second rendering (above) of a king sized bed with six drawers is more in keeping with the client’s affinity to objects with provenance and patina. Dust and allergens in the room will be kept to a minimum with no bunnies able to hide under the bed, while the drawers promise plenty of space to stash and organize shoes or clothes. The edges will all be kept rounded so there will be less shin bruising than occurs around some sharp-cornered platform beds. The first version of the bed (below) looks entirely different, with exposed joinery and carved raw boards at the head and foot.


In the shop: Four Post bed with Live Edge headboard

IMG_0124 IMG_0118

This poster bed, constructed of hand selected Pennsylvania walnut, features a live edge slab as the headboard. The rough edges have been chiseled and sanded away, but the natural contours of the tree’s exterior remain. It is truly one of a kind and celebrates the essence of the tree. The posts on this one are octagonally tapered, like a pencil. When it is finished it will have canopy rails and finials at the top. This piece was commissioned by a client in Pottsville, PA.